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Born in Kazan, Maria Lezhnina`s experience is particularly diverse, falling between landscape research projects, teaching knowledge of space to the children with the Finnish school ARKKI, and working for design practices in Switzerland, Italy, and Taiwan. This interdisciplinary background has triggered her interest in cross cultural reading of space. Indeed, today, her work aims at altering perception of environment, either through reflexive physicality or unusual architectural structure, being characterized by a deep-rooted interest in the relationship between architecture, landscape, and human perception. While her work has been exhibited in various venues, mainly Taiwan, China, Switzerland, and Italy, currently she is working on various large scale public art projects in Taiwan.

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recent exhibitions: 

2023 Forms of Arrangement 佈局, IT Park, Taipei - solo exhibition

2023 Marble is a state of matter, Jiaruen, Taipei - solo exhibition

2022 The 31st Anniversary Group Exhibition - 
Encounter, light infiltrates slowly into the cornea
, Galerie Pierre, Taichung - group exhibition

2021 Artist in Residency Program Exhibition, Taitung Art Museum, Taitung

2021 Something about Fuzhong, curated by Xue Xue Foundation - group exhibition

2020 Starry Winter Night, 嘉俬房 & other Art things, Taipei - group exhibition

2020 戀戀仲夏 Summer of love at 嘉俬房 & other Art things, Taipei - solo exhibition

2020 36 hours of artist`s cinemas, 台北當代藝術中心 Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei - screening

2020 茶香流動, Xinfangchun Tea Shop Dadaocheng, Taipei - installation 

2020《氣候. 無名》瑪莉.利茲尼娜攝影發表 (已額滿) curated by FLOW at Understory, Taipei - solo exhibition

2020 曠野 Through the wildness, Jing Lü Art Gallery, Taipei - group exhibition

2019 人的星球 The Planet of Human, Lishui International Photography Festival, Art 35, Lishui - group exhibition

2019 Taipei Art Book Fair, Taipei - fair

2019 Contemporary Photography & Video Art Salon, Auction Center, Taipei - group exhibition

2019 I Never Read Basel, Kaserne, Basel, as part of parallel program at Art Basel - fair

2019 臺灣文博會 On the Move, Taiwan Creative Expo, Taipei - key visuals

2018 台北製造 / Made in Taipei, Onfoto Gallery, Taipei - group exhibition

2018 In Balance - Taiwan, Hua Nan Commercial Bank Corporate Plaza Lobby, Taipei - group exhibition

2018 In Balance - Italy, Torre di Ligny, Trapani / Palazzo Borromeo, Cesano Maderno - group exhibition
- group exhibition

2018 草山氛—土與空氣的詩 / Air&Clay, URS27M, Taipei - solo exhibition

2018 The City is Tapestry, Umkt - JUT Foundation for the Arts and Architecture, Taipei - group exhibition

2017 Unknown Asia photography exhibition, DMO Arts gallery, Osaka - group exhibition

2017 アンノウン・アジアの写真 Unknown Asia Art Exchange, Herbis Hall, Osaka - fair

2017 Independent Tokyo, Hulic Hall, Tokyo - fair

2017 Wonderfotoday Awards 2017 exhibition, G.Gallery, Taipei - group exhibition

2017 Wonderfotoday, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei - fair

awards and grants:

2019 Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit Award, Wonderfotoday, Taipei

2017 Ryoko Kodo Award, Independent Tokyo, Tokyo

2017 Ishibashi Koki Award, Independent Tokyo, Tokyo

2017 Yoshihiro Taniguchi Award, Wonderfotoday, Taipei

2011 Grant of President of Tatarstan Republic, Kazan

2010 Grant of Kazan Mayor in the field of Architecture, Kazan


2023 California1Taiwan, Yilan

2021 Taitung Art Museum, Taitung

2019 Lishui Artist Village residency, Art35 Hotel, Zhejiang Province

public art:

2023 Aurora Crypto, Noke Mall, Taipei (together with Bias Architects)

2022 Temple square, Keelung (together with Bias Architects)


2019 Islands / In Balance, List Lab, Barcelona - exhibition catalog

2018 Photography is Art Magazine 4, Hong Kong - review

2018 The City is Tapestry, JUT Foundation U-mrkt, Taipei - exhibition catalog

2017 Unknown Asia Photography, DMO Arts, Osaka
- exhibition catalog

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Composition Workshop @Chinese Culture University

Augmented Reality Workshop for kids will be held at Taitung Art Museum on November 26, as part of my residency program.

Second architecture workshop for kids about facades for Xue Xue Foundation and New Taipei City.
more info >>> https://zh-tw.facebook.com/xuexuefoundation/posts/4121617184582196

2021.03.13 First architecture workshop for kids about facades for Xue Xue Foundation and New Taipei City. The workshop is part of the activities inside the exhibition 天地俯中 that I was invited to participate by Xue Xue Foundation.

2020.07.26 This summer i will be teaching workshops
at Huafan University Summer Camp, Taipei, Taiwan more info >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQRP1tG7Fs4

2018.09.30 Sweet structures workshop at Songshan, Tabacco Factory, Taipei, Taiwan

The City is Tapestry - Architecture workshop at U-Market, JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture Wanhua district case-study. Curated by Alessandro Martinelli and CCU.

2017.10.06 Dream House workshop at URS 27M, Taipei, Taiwan 
Activities are part of the exhibition  `Air & Clay`

2012-2013  Crescere con l`architettura I2a, Vico Morcote, Switzerland
I first started teaching architecture to the children in i2a Istituto Internazionale di Architettura in Switzerland. That is where i met Pihla Meskanen, the founder of Arkki, first school in the world with full length educational activites about architecture and space for kids and youth.