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Born in Kazan, Maria Lezhnina`s experience is particularly diverse, falling between landscape research projects, teaching knowledge of space to the children with the Finnish school ARKKI, and working for design practices in Switzerland, Italy, and Taiwan. This interdisciplinary background has triggered her interest in cross cultural reading of space. Indeed, today, her work aims at altering perception of environment, either through reflexive physicality or unusual architectural structure, being characterized by a deep-rooted interest in the relationship between architecture, landscape, and human perception. While her work has been exhibited in various venues, mainly Taiwan, China, Switzerland, and Italy, currently she is working on various large scale public art projects in Taiwan.

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recent exhibitions: 

2023 Forms of Arrangement 佈局, IT Park, Taipei - solo exhibition

2023 Marble is a state of matter, Jiaruen, Taipei - solo exhibition

2022 The 31st Anniversary Group Exhibition - 
Encounter, light infiltrates slowly into the cornea
, Galerie Pierre, Taichung - group exhibition

2021 Artist in Residency Program Exhibition, Taitung Art Museum, Taitung

2021 Something about Fuzhong, curated by Xue Xue Foundation - group exhibition

2020 Starry Winter Night, 嘉俬房 & other Art things, Taipei - group exhibition

2020 戀戀仲夏 Summer of love at 嘉俬房 & other Art things, Taipei - solo exhibition

2020 36 hours of artist`s cinemas, 台北當代藝術中心 Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei - screening

2020 茶香流動, Xinfangchun Tea Shop Dadaocheng, Taipei - installation 

2020《氣候. 無名》瑪莉.利茲尼娜攝影發表 (已額滿) curated by FLOW at Understory, Taipei - solo exhibition

2020 曠野 Through the wildness, Jing Lü Art Gallery, Taipei - group exhibition

2019 人的星球 The Planet of Human, Lishui International Photography Festival, Art 35, Lishui - group exhibition

2019 Taipei Art Book Fair, Taipei - fair

2019 Contemporary Photography & Video Art Salon, Auction Center, Taipei - group exhibition

2019 I Never Read Basel, Kaserne, Basel, as part of parallel program at Art Basel - fair

2019 臺灣文博會 On the Move, Taiwan Creative Expo, Taipei - key visuals

2018 台北製造 / Made in Taipei, Onfoto Gallery, Taipei - group exhibition

2018 In Balance - Taiwan, Hua Nan Commercial Bank Corporate Plaza Lobby, Taipei - group exhibition

2018 In Balance - Italy, Torre di Ligny, Trapani / Palazzo Borromeo, Cesano Maderno - group exhibition
- group exhibition

2018 草山氛—土與空氣的詩 / Air&Clay, URS27M, Taipei - solo exhibition

2018 The City is Tapestry, Umkt - JUT Foundation for the Arts and Architecture, Taipei - group exhibition

2017 Unknown Asia photography exhibition, DMO Arts gallery, Osaka - group exhibition

2017 アンノウン・アジアの写真 Unknown Asia Art Exchange, Herbis Hall, Osaka - fair

2017 Independent Tokyo, Hulic Hall, Tokyo - fair

2017 Wonderfotoday Awards 2017 exhibition, G.Gallery, Taipei - group exhibition

2017 Wonderfotoday, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei - fair

awards and grants:

2019 Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit Award, Wonderfotoday, Taipei

2017 Ryoko Kodo Award, Independent Tokyo, Tokyo

2017 Ishibashi Koki Award, Independent Tokyo, Tokyo

2017 Yoshihiro Taniguchi Award, Wonderfotoday, Taipei

2011 Grant of President of Tatarstan Republic, Kazan

2010 Grant of Kazan Mayor in the field of Architecture, Kazan


2023 California1Taiwan, Yilan

2021 Taitung Art Museum, Taitung

2019 Lishui Artist Village residency, Art35 Hotel, Zhejiang Province

public art:

2023 Aurora Crypto, Noke Mall, Taipei (together with Bias Architects)

2022 Temple square, Keelung (together with Bias Architects)


2019 Islands / In Balance, List Lab, Barcelona - exhibition catalog

2018 Photography is Art Magazine 4, Hong Kong - review

2018 The City is Tapestry, JUT Foundation U-mrkt, Taipei - exhibition catalog

2017 Unknown Asia Photography, DMO Arts, Osaka
- exhibition catalog

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selected works:

Public Art Proposal for National Palace Museum, South branch, invited competition, 2023
The proposal is a mound of indigenous flowers, inspired by the colors and shapes of Tang Dynasty landscape painting and more in general Chinese fine arts. The landscape and flower colors will be constantly changing over seasons, providing a sense of time and constant novelty to the experience of the public art. An hypogeum space with a window to the sky also elaborate on the passage of time and the seasons, therefore creating a land art piece that engage viewer through many temporalities and perspectives.
Name | Timeless weight of beauty
Year | 2023
Size | 30 x 6 meters
Medium | rc structure, planters with bougainvillea flowers 

Name | Timeless weight of beauty
Year | 2023
Size | 90 x 90 x 120 cm
Medium | gesso, spray paint, metal wielding

Produced during residency at California1Taiwan

Aurora Skating Rink, public art, Noke Mall, 2023. Together with BIAS Architects.
Environmental light box installation at the indoor skating rink in Taipei. The colors come from the Aurora Borealis, a natural phenomen occurring close to the Arctic circle. This is so that the public art, evokes blocks of ice floating under the changing colors of aurora borealis.  Depending on where the viewer is, the colors and pattern of the art piece warp, expanding the ways in which one might perceive and experience it.

Name | Aurora crypto
Year | 2023
Size | 70 x 70 cm
Medium | light box, led lights, dioptric pvc

佈局 / Forms of Arrangement solo exhibition IT Park,2023
佈局 is a Chinese character, which stands for layout, often used to describe chess game. The pieces of exhibition resemble to figures, the like of chess pieces. They are independent but also there is a set relationship that holds all of them.

The form of this exhibition is different from the idea of artistic spiritual meditation. Through the subtle connection with totem symbols, the exhibition itself shows an attempt to integrate animism and the aesthetics of living space to explore the tense pace of life.

Name | Dexing Road
Year | 2023
Size | 96 x 70 cm
Medium | Acrylic on wooden structure
The smaller artworks of the exhibition -I.e, framed boards- try to recollect the spatial experience of the major ones on the flat surface, challenging the more conventional format of the framed painting.

Name | Red on Red (right), Red on Blue (center), Red on Green (left)
Yeaar | 2023
Size | 48 x 38 cm

Medium | Acrylic on paper, metal frame

The main artworks of the exhibition are dedicated to different roads of Taipei city.

Name |
1. Yanping Road
2. Renai Road
3. Zhongzheng Road
4. Bade Road
5. Xinyi Road
Year | 2023
Size | 116,5 x 80 cm
Medium | Acrylic on wooden structureName | Daan Road (left), Heping Road (right)
Year | 2023
Size | 116.6 x 80 cm, variable
Medium | Acrylic on wooden structure
Name | Untitled (left), Zhongsheng Road (right)
Year | 2023
Size | variable, 116.5 x 80 cm
Medium | Acrylic on wooden structure

The 31st Anniversary Group Exhibition -
Encounter, light infiltrates slowly into the cornea, Galerie Pierre, Taichung - group exhibition, 2022
Name | Untitled Lishui 3 (left), Untitled Lishui 2(right)
Year | 2020
Size | 80 x 80 cm
Medium | UV print on aluminium, coated, wooden frame behind

untitled Lishui, 2020
is a photographic series and installation addressing the geology of rapid urbanization

room for the moon, Taitung Art Museum, 2021 residency program
Is an outdoor art piece based on augmented re- ality (AR), viewable at the Taitung Art Museum. Invisible to the naked eye, the 600 meters tall piece comes to life on the smart phones’ screen when people turn their camera at the right spot, appear- ing as real as the environment around it. Through the juxtaposition of physical and virtual worlds, the art work conveys a sense of rediscovery of natural phenomenon related to the experience of the sky and the solar system in Taitung. The project was inspired by a site visit to Pēinán archeological site in Taitung, where the oldest remnants of megalithic culture in Taiwan witness the relationship of the local man, architecture, and the objects of the astral sphere.

art book - study of Taitung landscape, 2021.
A research accompanying AR sculpture project at Taitung Art Museum, 60 pages, hand bounded.

The sculpture was developed for an exhibition “The color universe of Fuzhong” curated by Xue Xue foundation. It was inspired by Lin Ben Yuan mansion and the Window Grilles that can be found in New Taipei City.

Name | Something about Fuzhong
Year | 2021
Size | 250 x 160 x 30 cm
Medium | Wielded tubular stainless steel in vari- ous profiles coated in oil based varnish, two colors blue and white. Acrylic pink water based paint on wall, site specific.

`something about fuzhong`, artist book, 57 pages, 2021

marble is a state of matter, 2019
is an art book that investigates and narrates the effects of climatic phenomena over the materiality of the water surface 2019 Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit Award, Wonderfotoday, Taipei
Name |
1.Marble is a state of Matter #7
2.Marble is a state of Matter #1
3.Marble is a state of Matter #3
4.Marble is a state of Matter #2
5.Marble is a state of Matter #12
Year | 2019
Size | 35 x 35 cm
Medium | Ebru water painting, Inkjet print on fine art paper, metal frame
Series | Matter

Name | Untitled Climate (Fog) (left),
Untitled Climate (Tea plantations) (center), Untitled Climate (Hong Kong) (right)
Year | 2017
Size | 90 x 76 cm, 35 x 48 cm, 65 x 55 cm Medium | Inkjet print on fine art paper, framed Series | Untitled Climates

In the brightly lit room, at first the image appears to be grey tones, but as you get closer it dissolves into color particles.

Name | Artificial climate - pair on cotton
Year | 2018
Size | 110 x 240 cm
Medium | UV print on Cotton with metal hangers Series | Untitled Climates
artificial climate, 2017-2018
is a photographic series, an art book, and a textile installation investigating the image and representation of pools as a man-made climates 2017 Ryoko Kodo Award, Independent Tokyo, Tokyo + 2017 Ishibashi Koki Award, Independent Tokyo, Tokyo

In particular, artificial climate elaborates on the varying relationship of water and space that is hidden behind the times when a pool is accessible by the public. The photographic images are taken when the pool undergoes annual maintenance, and the process of water refilling happens. Without any artificial light on, the pictures are overexposed in order to capture the varying intensity of atmospheric luminosity and humidity along the process, thus reducing the color range of the image and abstracting it. The transformation of the interior weather becomes the manifestation of the impact of climate-control over the visual experience. The various means of representation challenged by the project research how the experience of the environment could be represented by the extrathin materiality of printed images.

`heat` from atmospheres of yangminshan, reinactment at 新芳春茶行, 2020

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