Born in Russia, her experience is particularly diverse, falling between research projects for the Swiss landscape to an exhibition at the Italian National Museum of 21st Century Arts on the impact of new energysystems, then teaching architecture and knowledge of space to the children with the Finnish school ARKKI, and working for design practices in Moscow (Russia), Mendrisio (Switzerland), Genova, Milan (Italy), Baku (Azerbaijan), and Taipei (Taiwan). This interdisciplinary background, as well as exposure to different cultures, has finally raised her interest in photography. Interested in the atmospheric, gaseous, and liquid aspects of reality that inform the aesthetic experience of vision, Maria Lezhnina is an architect and visual artist, working with photography and other visual media. While she has been exhibited in Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and China, her most famous series, ‘untitled climates’ investigates new ways of landscape photography, elaborating on climate as what defines the landscape. 
Today besides working as Artist, Maria is an Architect at Kris Yao Artech, Consultant for Huafan University and teaches design studio together with Alessandro Martinelli at Shih Chien University.

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recent exhibitions: 

2020 曠野 Through the wildness, Jing Lü Art Gallery, Taipei

2019 人的星球 The Planet of Human, Lishui International Photography Festival, Lishui

2019 Taipei Art Book Fair, Taipei

2019 Contemporary Photography & Video Art Salon, Auction Center, Taipei

2019 I Never Read Basel, Kaserne, Basel

2018 台北製造 / Made in Taipei, Onfoto, Taipei

2018 In Balance - Taiwan, Hua Nan Commercial Bank Corporate Plaza Lobby, Taipei

2018 In Balance - Italy, Torre di Ligny, Trapani, Palazzo Borromeo, Milano

2018 草山氛—土與空氣的詩 / Air&Clay, URS27M, Taipei

2018 The City is Tapestry, Umkt - JUT Foundation for the Arts and Architecture, Taipei

2017 Unknown Asia photography exhibition, DMO Arts gallery, Osaka

2017 アンノウン・アジアの写真 Unknown Asia Art Exchange, Herbis Hall, Osaka

2017 Independent Tokyo, Hulic Hall, Tokyo

2017 Wonderfotoday Awards 2017 exhibition, G.Gallery, Taipei

2017 Wonderfotoday, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei

awards / residency / comissions:

2019 Lishui Artist Village residency, Zhejiang Province

2019 ISSP, Photography and the World, Riga

2019 Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit Award, Wonderfotoday Taipei

2019 Visuals for Taiwan Creative Expo 

2018 Jury for Onfoto photography competition Made in Taipei

2017 Ryoko Kodo Award, Independent Tokyo

2017 Ishibashi Koki Award, Independent Tokyo

2017 Yoshihiro Taniguchi Award, Wonderfotoday Taipei

publications / interviews / talks:

2019 人的星球  artist talk at ART35, Lishui photography festival, Zhejiang

2019 Everything grows everywhere #2, performance at Taipei Art Book Fair, Taipei

2019 On The Rise, The Artling zine interview series, Singapore

2019 How`s the weather? Radio Show by Tzu Huan Lin & Campbell Watson, Talking Drums, Taipei

2019 Everything grows everywhere #1, radio show at I Never Read Art Book Fair, Basel 

2019 Wonderfotoday
awards feature
, Taipei

2019 Islands, Exhibition Catalog, List Lab, Barcelona

2018 Photography is Art Magazine 4, feature article, Hong Kong

2018 The City is Tapestry, Exhibition Catalog, JUT Foundation U-mrkt, Taipei

2018 台北製造 / Made in Taipei, Onfoto Studio, Taipei

2017 Climatic state of Art, artist talk, G Gallery, Taipei

2017 Unknown Asia Photography, published by Yoshihiro Taniguchi, DMO Arts, Osaka

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In China for Lishui international photography festival


`everything grows everywhere #2` with Yenyi Lee, mixtape performance and exhibition at Taipei Art Book Fair


On the Rise 
Interview with singapore art platform Artling
#read here


Part of Contemporary Photography & Video Art salon 
23-25 August, Auction Center, Taipei

Image courtesy Hanako Kimura


How`s the weather?
Radio Show by Tzu Huan Lin & Campbell Watson
. Was happy to contribute to the talk #listen here Screenshot from Campbell Watson Webpage


Creative Expo Taiwan
Key Visual Artist for Taiwan expo of Culture, Culture on the Move #read more 

Exhibition and Radio Show at I Never Read Art Book Fair `everything grows everywhere #1` with Yenyi Lee
Image courtesy METAL magazine and I Never Read


Made In Taipei 
Judge for Onfoto studio  photography competition about the Image of Taipei today
+ Installation for Onfoto studio #see more

Image courtesy Onfoto studio


PUBLIC AIR STUDIOfinal exhibition of design studio at Shih Chien University, that i instructed together with Alessandro #see more


`In bilico - Islands, Taiwan and Sicilia` The book is the catalog of the exhibition published by ListLab, available at ISBN: 9788832080063


`IN BALANCE: Taiwan - Sicily`Exhibition was promoted by together with Mgazzini del Arte Trapani and Group.G ( It showcased 9 artists from Taiwan and 8 from Sicilia, the work of which elaborates on different aspects of their culture and landscape of reference.
Artists: Antonio Sammartano, Angelo Crazyone, Arcangelo Favata, Andrea Lombardo, Igor Scalisi Palminteri, Luca Mannino, Mimmo Palmizi, Max Robino, 吳政璋 Wu Cheng-Chang, 廖俊裕 Liao Chun-Yu, 姚瑞中 Yao Jui-Chung, 周慶輝 Chou Ching-Hui, 劉星佑 Liu Hsing-Yu, Maria Lezhnina, 鈴⽊貴彥
Takahiko Suzuki, 李吉祥 Lee Chi-Hsiang, 吳耿禎 Jam Wu


Air and Clay exhibition at URS27M, Taipei
#read more


PHOTOGRAPHY IS ART Magazine feature, Hong Kong


The City is Tapestry - An exhibition about the shape of the city today Wanhua district case-study. Curated by Alessandro Martinelli and CCU, U-Market, JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture

Image courtesy Yoshihiro Taniguchi


Unknown Asia Photography ExhibitionCurated by Yoshihiro Taniguchi at DMOARTS gallery, Osaka
Artists: Evelyn Pritt, Hilarius Jason Pratana, Maria Lezhnina, Pam Virada Banjurtrungkajorn, Ray Tsuyumitsu, Yen Tzu-Sung


Unknown Asia art fair, Herbis hall, Osaka


Independent Tokyo art fair, Tokyo


Interview at Wonderfotoday platform Image courtesy Fang Yen Wen


`a climatic state of art` artist talk at G Gallery, Taipei